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Type designation: AB-SL00

Article number: L8500262


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busbar adapter bracket for 1 device, for mounting of SL00/185 at busbar systems with 185mm centre-to-centre distance, for height adaption at SL1-3 Installation height 42mm


Product Lifecycle:
Active product
Product description:
Adapter für 1 strip-type disconnector
For installation of SL00 with 185mm distance between phases on busbar systems with 185mm distance between phases />For height adaption to SL1-3
Product standard:
IEC/DIN EN60947-3
Applicable for:
  • NH strip-fuseways
  • NH strip-type fuse-switch-disconnectors
Rated operating voltage Ue:
690 V
Rated operating current Ie:
160 A
Busbar distance:
185 mm
Special features:
Installation height 42mm
ETIM - Code:
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